Error when uploading item data to Bigcommerce

A conflict error would be seen when you attempt to upload an item to Bigcommerce from AmberPOS and you receive an error similar to the one shown below.



Here are some suggestions to try and resolve the issue.


1.  Update the LC database.  Information may have been interrupted in the past with the synchronization of Bigcommerce information populating in AmberPOS and it might need to be re-populated.


2.  Check to see if the name or sku already online.  Duplicate sku or name values cannot exist on bigcommerce so the item information might need to be updated before it can populate online, or existing skus online may need to be changed.  AmberPOS offers uniqueness support for duplicate name values which you can find information about HERE.  Uniqueness support is the addition of the sku number to the item's name on Bigcommerce so that it populates as a unique value.


3.  Check to see that the dimension groups are setup correctly.  Sometimes the dimensional variations may have accidentally not been enabled for an item.  You will want to enable them before uploading the item to bigcommerce.



Also see non-inventory dimensions and their required values for option types.


 4.  Check to see if data contains leading zeros.  Bigcommerce may drop leading zeros in data for dimension alias values. 


AmberPOS Alias Value:  001

Bigcommerce Interpretations:  1


 5.  Check to see if there are any leading spaces.  Bigcommerce may drop leading spaces if the value of a field contains any preceding the typed information.




If the issue persists after reviewing the above information then contact the AmberPOS Support line to have someone look into the error. 


Article Updated with AmberPOS version


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