Mass SKU Upload Detailed Editing

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If you have not already done so, first see the main article: Web-SKU Mass Updating

Select a SKU by left clicking the SKU number.  To select multiple items you can hold the Shift key (batch select) or Ctrl key (spot select) and click multiple items sku code fields.  To edit these items, right click to open a window with detailed editing options:


      1. Upload Selected Items: Will push the AmberPOS information for the item onto Bigcommerce.

      2. Refresh Selected Item: Refreshes all the data to view for the selected item(s).  Utilized if the item was modified in another window and you need to see the changes take effect here as well.

      3. Edit selected Item: Opens a window which allow you to manage the individual items online properties (See: here for details on the window.)

      4. Download Images From Web To Amber: Will take the primary image for selected items on Bigcommerce and will populate them locally for items in AmberPOS.

      5. Upload Original Skus As BinPickingNumbers: Will store the sku code value in AmberPOS in teh BinPickingNumber field on Bigcommerce for selected items.

      6. Enable Adding SKU to Selected item names to make them unique: Selecting this option will adjust how the item's name will appear on Bigcommerce when uploaded.  It will add the sku to the item's name which is used for uniqueness support.  Bigcommerce doesn't allow products online to have duplicate names so if they do in AmberPOS you can enable this to add the sku to the description to make it unique on Bigcommerce.

      7. Disable Adding SKU to Selected Item Name:  Selecting this option disables the uniqueness support for selected items.



Article written with AmberPOS version


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