Staying Logged Into POS Between Transactions

Newer versions of AmberPOS have a different method to stay logged in between transactions. 


1.  Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu.


2. Select the Employees tab. 


3. Locate the No Re-login POS within (seconds) section. 



4. Enter a value (in seconds) of time that will pass before you must re-login again after you have finished a previous transaction. 



You can also set a default minimum duration for all of your employees in Printers and Local Settings.




Note: If Employees No Re-login POS within (Seconds) ≥ the setting under Printers and Local Settings, then it will supersede.  If the Printers and Local Settings value is a higher value than the individual employee value, it will instead supersede.


Next to this setting you can also adjust the "Auto Logout After (Minutes)" setting to adjust the inactivity on the computer in minutes before the currently logged-in user gets logged-out of the AmberPOS Software.  This is relevant in both the front and back-end of the software.




 Article updated with AmberPOS version


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