Store Messages (Invoice, Layaway, quotation, etc.)

To set up or edit your store's messages (for printing on receipts, special orders, etc) log into the system and then select setup from the top menu. From the setup screen first select the stores_tab.png tab in the upper part of the window, and then select the messages_tab.png tab from the middle of the screen.


Here you can edit the messages for Invoices, Layaways, Quotations, Special Orders, etc. Type your messages into the appropriate sections to have them appear on the corresponding printouts. When you are finished, select either apply_messages_to_all_stores.PNG to apply your changes to all the stores in your system, or save_store_button.png to only apply the changes to the currently selected store.




If you would like to make all or part of your message appear in bold or as a larger font size, you can use the <BF> tag options. Start and end your typed text with one pair of the following tags:

<BF>your message here</BF>  for bolded letters

<BF1>your message here</BF> for a larger font

<BF2>your message here</BF>  for very large font

make sure to use one tag at both sides of your printed message, as in the example picture:


**Note that this option will only work with Citizen brand receipt printers set to General / Text Only**

**Examples of the three font size options**



You can also populate customer information in the message field by typing in a tag that matches to the customer information.  Below is a list of value that can be used to populate to this location.



















[TotalSoldItems] - This does not include QOH=0 Items.





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