Automatically Selecting a Default Customer

If you don't want to have to select a customer for every POS transaction, you can use the store settings window to set Amber to auto select a default customer whenever you login.


Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu. Then from the setup window select the stores_tab.png tab in the upper section, and the general_tab.png tab in the lower section.





The settings you want to change are in the Customers box in the bottom right corner.




Use the dropdown box to select your default customer (it should automatically have "**THANK YOU**" selected) and then check the box labelled Auto Select When Login. Once you make your changes the save_store_button.png will turn green and can be used to save the settings.




Now whenever a user logs into the POS by pressing POS.PNG it will skip the select customer screen and go directly to the transaction window.



Article written with AmberPOS version


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