Print AR message + signature on Receipt

You can print AR owed and customer information on a receipt every time an AR transaction is completed. To do this complete the following steps:


1. Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu


2. Overview of Stores tab:


      Step 1: Select the Stores tab.

      Step 2: Select the store that the AR will be displayed for on the receipt.

      Step 3: Copy and paste the following bolded text into the Invoice message field and replace any information within brackets with your desired information, for example, [phone1] would be replaced with the phone number of the customer whose AR you want to display. 


Thanks for shopping at our store!(reg. inv msg)


I agree to pay AR


[FirstName] [LastName]




Have a nice day!


      Step 4: Select Save Store to finalize the changes. 


 3. Now every time you complete a transaction for AR, the customers information that you filled out in the brackets above will be displayed on the receipt in the same format as the entire message copy pasted.


****** If you would like to print an AR Due Date on the receipt, please use the attribute "AR Terms (Days)". Click Here for more info on this attribute.  *****


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