Department Setup

1. Log into the system, and then access the Setup menu

2. Select the inventory_settings.PNG tab near the top of the screen.



3. Location of departments:



4. Your department will be created depending on which root you have selected.

Example: If department_root.PNGis selected and you create a department called Bookstore, it will be created under department_root.PNGthen, if you click to select Bookstore, you can create a department with Bookstore selected to create a sub-department for that, etc.



5. Departments Overview:


     Step 1: To the right of new_department.PNG type in the name of the department you wish to create.

     Step 2: Click add_button.png to finalize the creation of the department.


(After creating a new department, make sure that you enter an account for that department into your general ledger settings)



Article written with AmberPOS version


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