Dimension Management

1. Log into AmberPOS, and then access the Setup menu.


2. To add to or edit your dimensions select the Inventory Settings tab from your Setup screen, followed by the Dimension tab. 



3. To add a new dimension, simply type the name of the dimension into the Group Name field, located at the top of the Dimension Group box. Press Add to add your new dimension.



4. You can select a dimension from Dimension Group and edit or add descriptions for the selected dimension in Dimension Management.



5. To edit or add a dimension description utilize these steps.


Step 1: Enter values for your dimension group. For example, if your group is "Colour" then you might enter values such as blue, red, yellow, etc. Each value is given an alias of up to four characters.

Step 2: You can use these buttons to Merge, Delete, and sort the items in each list. Note that you cannot delete a dimension or description that is already in use by an item. 


If you would like for the dimension description to show, first access the Setup Menu.

Overview of Setup Menu:


      Step 1: Select the Stores tab.

      Step 2: In the bottom half of the screen, select the Others tab.

      Step 3: Click the box.PNG next to the Show Dimension Description option.


3. Select save_store.JPG in the bottom right corner to finalize the changes. Then restart AmberPOS and login again.



Article written with AmberPOS version


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