Dimension Group Position Setup

Setting up a specific dimension group position will block the dimension from being available in any position except the one that it is designated to in the SKU setup screen. For example, if you set a dimension to position Dim1 and you try to select that dimension it will only appear in the Dim1 selection menu, and will not appear in Dim2, Dim3, Dim4, 


1. Login to AmberPOS, and access the Setup menu. 


2. Applying the position to your dimension: 


     Step 1: Select the Inventory Settings tab.

     Step 2: Select the Dimension tab.

     Step 3: Select a Dimension Group name that you want to apply the Position to.

     Step 4: Select the Position option and keep clicking it until the desired dimension position is set. 


3. Once the position is applied, you can test whether it worked by going to your inventory screen, and selecting a SKU to apply the dimension to. The dimension should only be available in the position number that you previously designated. 


Article written with AmberPOS version


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