How to combine inventory quantities in listview (QTYAVL)

The QTYAVL (QtyAvailable) feature is used to combine multiple quantities of inventory into one quantity level.  To do this navigate to 3.PNG and select the 4.PNG tab and then 5.PNG tab.  You will see space allocated in the bottom-right-hand corner of the window to select the options.




Check the boxes of which quantities you want to combine to produce the value of the Quantity Available column.  Here is the definition of each of the acronyms.

QOH = Quantity On Hand

COMIT = Committed

QOO = Quantity On Order

QTBP = Quantity To Be Posted

IT = Incoming Transfer


Once they are selected you can then navigate to 6.PNG and the 7.PNG tab to see it take effect under that column in the list view.  If you just enabled these switches you may need to refresh the sku list.



 Article written with AmberPOS version



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