Setting up BuyBack Mode

BuyBack Mode will enable you to return a SKU previously purchased by simply ticking off one option at the POS screen. It will allow you to assign a particular value of dollars that you will automatically buy the SKU back for.

1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Setup Menu.

2. Under the Setup Menu:


      Step 1: Select the General Settings tab.

      Step 2: This is the location of the Attributes section in the general settings tab.


3. Overview of setting up the Buy Back Price Attribute:


       Step 1: For the Attributes field, select SKU.

       Step 2: For the Format field, select Decimal.

       Step 3: Select Add New Attribute to add the attribute to the list.

       Step 4: The Buy Back Price attribute should appear in the list of attributes in the Decimal format.


**You must restart AmberPOS for the attribute changes to take effect**


4. Access the Inventory Menu:


      Step 1: Select the SKU to setup a Buy Back Price for.

      Step 2: Specify the Buy Back Price in the Buy Back Price: attribute field. For the example shown it is $30.00.

      Step 3: Select Save to finalize the changes for the SKU.


5. Access the POS screen:


      Step 1: Select the box.PNG next to Buy Back Mode in the bottom right corner to enable it.

      Step 2: Enter in the SKU that you specified the Buy Back Price for.

      Step 3: The SKU should appear down below in the SKU-list ready for Payment.

      Step 4: Select the Payment button to process the transaction and Buy Back the selected SKU from the customer.


6. Complete the transaction process. (See: Making a Detailed Sale)



Article written with AmberPOS version


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