Special Attribute: Setting Up a Due Date for A/R Customer Invoices

You can create an attribute that allows you to see a specified due date regarding the A/R (accounts receivable) owed date for a particular customer on their invoice for the customers A/R transaction.


1. Login to AmberPOS and access the Setup menu.


2. Overview of the Setup menu:



      Step 1: Select the General Settings tab, and then the Attribute tab.

      Step 2: For the attributes field, select Customer as the attribute type.

      Step 3: For the Name field, type in "AR Terms (Days)" exactly the same but without the quotations.

      Step 4: For the Format field, select Integer.

      Step 5: Select Add New Attribute to add the attribute.

      Step 6: The attribute should now appear at the bottom of your customer attribute list as shown in the image above.


3. Next, select a customer (1), and then either select the red_arrow_to_expand.JPGicon (2) to expand the attributes menu, or simply scroll down the miniature version to view the AR Terms (Days) attribute field.



4. In the expanded attributes menu, select the proper tab with the AR Terms (Days) attribute and then:


      Step 1: Fill in an integer number into the AR Terms (Days) attribute field that will designate how many days the A/R is due from the customer starting from your current (today's) date, and that number will be converted into a date on the A/R invoice for that customer. For example, if the date that the A/R transaction made on is January 5th, 2012, and the number in the AR Terms (Days) field is 5, then the A/R due date on the invoice will appear as January 10th, 2012.

      Step 2: Select Save the complete the attribute value changes.


5. Next, access the POS menu, then select the same customer that the integer number was added to in the process directly above. 



6. If you have not already done so, first create an A/R invoice for that customer by completing an A/R transaction (see here for details). Then select the Recall Trns. option, or press F3 on your keyboard.



7. Double click the transaction with the A/R invoice that was created for the same customer that the integer attribute value was added for.



8. The Due Date will appear on the invoice (as shown in the image below) to display the date that the customers A/R is due for payment that you earlier designated under the customer attributes menu as an integer value (in # of days).





Article written with AmberPOS version


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