Automatic Database Backup / External Hard Drive Database Backup

Automatic Backup


By default, AmberPOS backs up its database every night at 10:15 PM.  For this to happen, the computer does need to be on and not asleep at this time. AmberPOS does not need to be running.  The database is backed up to the server machine only, and the default backup directory is C:\Program Files\Pacific Amber\AmberPOS\backup


Backup to External Hard Drive

If you would like to have the computer copy a backup of amber to an external hard drive every night you can follow the steps below.

**Keep in mind that you can also use this method to backup to a mapped network drive or network share.  Be aware that if the computer restarts and does not get a connection to the share, backups will not happen and you will not be notified.**


1. Create a new folder on your external hard drive called "amberbackup". Download the file below and save it into the new folder.

- Amber Backup                           - Amber Backup (64 bit)

(choose 64 bit if you have a 64 bit operating system. You can find out by right clicking on Computer in the start menu and selecting Properties)



2. Open the file by right clicking on it and choosing edit.  Change the letter Z to the letter of your external hard drive.



3. Once you are finished editing the batch file, double click on it and run the script to make sure it works.  You should see a black window with white text that shows the system copying all of the AmberPOS backup files.


4. Now we can schedule this batch file to run each night. Open the Task Scheduler from Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools.


5. Click Create Basic Task. Give your task a name, such as "AmberPOS" backup. Click Next.



6. Make sure Daily is selected and click Next again. The next page shows when the task will run. Set it to 11 PM and to recur every 1 days.


7. On the "What action do you want the task to perform" page, select start a program and click next. Browse to the "amberbackup" folder and select the batch file we created before as the program you would like to run and click next.



 8. The next page will show an overview of the task we created and you can click Finish to complete the task. 

The task should now run every evening.




 Article written with AmberPOS version



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