Special Attribute: SKU Image or File Attachment

The "Image" or "File Attachment" attribute, when added to a SKU, will tell the system that you can apply an image or file to the attribute menu of the SKU.


1. Login to AmberPOS, and access the Setup menu.


2. Overview of Setup menu:



       Step 1: Select the General Settings tab, then select the Attribute tab.

       Step 2: The attributes section is located here.


3. Create a new SKU attribute (see: Adding New Attributes for more information) with the name you desire, and the "Image" or "File Attachment"  format selected.



     Step 1: For the Attributes field, select Sku.

     Step 2: For the Format field, select Image or File Attachment.

     Step 3: Select Add New Attribute to add the attribute and activate it.

     Step 4: The attribute you created should now appear at the bottom of the attributes list.


4. Next, to see the changes, access your inventory menu:


     Step 1: Select a SKU to view it''s attributes.

     Step 2: Scroll down the attributes list under the SKU's Info tab to see the SKU Image or File Attachment attribute and load/take an image or file.


Article written with AmberPOS version


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