Setting up Printers for all Transaction Types

Using the printer setting window you can specify which printer will print each type of document (invoices, day end, etc).


Login the AmberPOS and then access the Setup menu


From the setup screen, select the printer_and_local_settings_window_tab.png option.




Under the Printer Setup section is a list of all types of documents that AmberPOS will print.



Select the one you wish to change, and press the setup_button.png button. This will bring up a menu listing all installed printers on your computer. Select the printer you would like to use, and use the up_button.png and down_button.png buttons to select the amount of copies you would like printed by default. You can select multiple copies and/or printers if you would like.




To apply the settings from one transaction type to all the others at once, use the Apply Printer for Trans Type field. Use the dropdown menu to select the type of printer setting you would like to apply to the others, and then press the all_printers_button.png button to apply the settings.


 Article written with AmberPOS version


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