Alternate Receipt Printing Method

If you do not wish to use the generic text printing method commonly used in AmberPOS, there is another method available.


For this method you will have to make sure that your receipt printer is using the manufacturer's drivers (NOT as generic / text only).


Access your control panel, using the start menu.




Next, under the Hardware and Sound section, click on View Devices and Printers.




Next, locate your receipt printer in the list of installed devices, and right click it. In the context menu which appears, select Printer Properties.



Use the first field listed under the General tab of the printer properties window to add the word "(Receipt)"  without quotations to the end of your printer's name.



Alternatively you can populate (FullSize) to format a printer to print to an 8x11 format where it might be unintentionally printing a 3-inch receipt format.


Press "OK" to save your changes. Now ensure that your newly renamed printer is selected as your receipt printer in Amber (see: Assigning Printers to Documents)


Article written with AmberPOS version


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