Setup your E-mail Application to work with AmberPOS

This article will guide you on how to setup the test.png button to work with your e-mail application on your computer (eg. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird).




Open Default Apps in Windows.  Set the Email application option to be either Mozilla Thunderbird, or Microsoft Outlook depending on which you have installed and setup on your computer.





Go back to AmberPOS and in your Printer and Local Settings set your "Email Program".


There are 4 options:

Microsoft Outlook - This can be used for any Microsoft Outlook version. 'Microsoft Outlook (Late Binding) is preferable unless you are using Microsoft 2016.

Microsoft Outlook (Late Binding) - Use this for Microsoft Outlook (doesn't work with Outlook 2016).

Windows Default(MAPI) - This will use what you have set as your default Email app in Windows. Use this method for Thunderbird.

MailTo Protocol - Another option for communicating with Outlook/Thunderbird. Depending on how Windows is configured on your computer, and what other applications may be influencing your computer you may use this option of integration.


**The option of integration may take some troubleshooting for each party.  If you toggle the options listed above, be sure to save the option, restart AmberPOS and test to see if it is working.  If none of the options are working, restart your computer as there may be something stuck in the E-mail processing of the Windows operating system.





You should see the an e-mail like the example below when you click on the test.png button.




If an attachment is expected and not attaching, it may be due to the protocol and the delay of the computer hardware.  Test to see if the protocol is working by prompting paste in the e-mail message body.  If a PDF attachment appears attached, then it is likely a delay of computer hardware and you will want to restart the computer to evaluate the performance.  If no attachment appears, then a different protocol should be used.


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