Setup your E-mail Application to work with AmberPOS

This article will guide you on how to setup the test.png button to work with your e-mail application on your computer (eg. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird).

Note: As of January 2018 Windows 10 updates MAPI protocol isn't supported which is needed for Thunderbird.  Customers with this build or newer of OS should use Outlook and the Mail To or Outlook protocols.





Open Default programs in Windows.  Choose the set your default programs so we can enable your e-mail application as the default.




 Select your e-mail application (eg. Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird) and then choose the default for this program.




Choose "Select All" and click "Save".  Your e-mail application should be setup to receive prompts from AmberPOS for generating E-mails.




 Go back to AmberPOS and in your Printer and Local Settings set "E-mail Program:" to "Windows Default(MAPI)".  AmberPOS will now refer to your default mail client within Windows to generate E-mails.




 **NOTE: Try Restarting the computer if it doesn't work initially.  Windows might require you to do this in-order to allow the application to work as a default for the protocols you adjusted for it.**


You should see the an e-mail like the example below when you click on the test.png button.



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