Issuing Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Gift Cards and Certificates 

(If you would like to enter your own gift card/gift certificate number that is less than 8 digits, you must contact an AmberPOS representative to enable the option)



Gift cards and gift certificates are sold from the transaction screen. First, access the POS menu, next select the customer to whom you wish to issue the card/certificate and the Customer screen will pop up.


From the Customer screen press the [F12] Miscellaneous key on the bottom menu bar  misc_button.PNG to bring up the Miscellaneous tab on the right hand side. Alternatively you can press F12.




Next, select gift_card_button.PNG from the right side menu to bring up the Gift Card / Certificate window.



Using the details section on the bottom half of the Gift Card / Certificate window you can enter the details of the card or certificate to be issued. The Serial # field can be filled in manually or by scanning the code on your card or certificate. Enter the amount you want on the card in the Initial Amount field. Check the box for either Gift Card or Gift Certificate, depending on which type you are issuing.



If the card / certificate is free of charge to the customer then check the No Charge / Promotional box. To set an activation or expiry date, use the check-boxes and drop-down menu on the right side.




Once you have entered the correct information, press the issue_new.PNG key to continue. A window will appear asking if you wish to process your payment now. Click Yes to proceed to the payment screen, or No to return to the customer screen if you'd like to add more items to the transaction. Then complete the transaction as normal.



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Revised 26/03/2014



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