Recording a Paid In or Paid Out

To record either a paid in or a paid out, first log into the POS using either the home screen or the POS.PNG button in the top menu. Bring up the transaction screen by selecting the default customer. From the transaction screen, access the miscellaneous menu by using the menu button or pressing F12. Once the miscellaneous menu is displayed on the right side of the screen press either Shift-F9 or the Paid In/ Out button.




From the Paid In / Paid Out menu, first select whether this is a paid in (cash added) or a paid out (cash removed).



Next, use the dropdown Reason field to select the reason for the transaction. Reasons are set during store setup. (See: Setting up Reasons)



Then type in the amount paid into the Amount field.


Finally, press complete_button.PNG to complete the transaction. Your end of day totals will reflect this change.


 Revised 25/03/2014


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