Refilling a Gift Card


Refilling Gift Cards 


Money can be added to an already issued Gift Card from the Gift Card / Certificate screen. To access this window first log into the POS using the POS.PNG button on the top menu.  Then use the customer list to select the customer to whom the card was issued (if not applicable then simply select the default customer) and press enter.


From the Customer screen press the misc_button.PNG key on the bottom menu bar to bring up the Miscellaneous tab on the right hand side, or press F12. Next, select gift_card_button.PNG from the right side menu to bring up the Gift Card / Certificate window.

gift card arrows.jpg




 First either scan or manually key in the card's serial number into the Serial # field. Then, enter the amount you would like to add to the card into the Refill Amount field. Finally, press refill_button.PNG to add the amount to the card.

gift card 123.jpg


A window wil pop up asking if you would like to process the payment; click Yes to proceed to the payment screen, or No to go back to the transaction screen and add new items to the sale.


Note that Gift Certificates are one time use only and cannot be refilled like Gift Cards.


 Article written with AmberPOS version


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