Cancelling and Deactivating Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

You can cancel gift cards and certificates using the Gift Card / Certificate menu.

First, Access the POS menu. Next, select the customer to whom you wish to issue the card/certificate and the Customer screen will pop up.


From the Customer screen press the [F12] Miscellaneous key on the bottom menu bar  misc_button.PNG to bring up the Miscellaneous tab on the right hand side. Alternatively you can press F12. Next, select gift_card_button.PNG from the right side menu to bring up the Gift Card / Certificate window, or press shift-F12.





Use the controls in the middle of the gift card window to select and cancel your card or certificate.





1. Type or scan the serial number from your card / certificate into the Serial # field, or select it from the list of all your issued cards.

2. With the card or certificate selected, press the cancel_button.png button, which will bring up a transaction window allowing you to pay out the remaining balance to the customer. After payment, the card / certificate will display as cancelled and can no longer be used or refilled.




In order to deactivate a gift card, but leave it able to be refilled in the future, you must zero out the balance without cancelling it. This is also required for cancelling a promotional card or certificate. 

As before, select the card you wish to cancel from the list, scan the code on the card, or type in the serial # manually. The current balance on the card will be displayed in the Current Balance field. Simply enter a negative version of this amount into the Refill Amount field and hit refill button.PNG.



The payment window will pop up, allowing you to pay out the remaining balance, (see: processing payments) unless the gift card was promotional, in which case it will simply be left with a zero balance. Cards deactivated in this method can be refilled and reused at a future date.


 Revised 25/03/2014



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