Changing the Price of an Item During Transactions

1. To change the price of an item during a transaction, first open AmberPos and login with your username and password. Then access the POS menu.

2. Select a customer, then select the Sku for your transaction and press F2 or click  discount_button.PNG near the bottom of the screen.



3. A discount window will be displayed, this is where you enter in the new unit price of the selected item.


1. This is where you can change the price by % off of the original value.

2. Here can you specifically take a numbered value of dollars off of the original price.

3. Choose the reason for which you are making the discount on the item. *Reasons can be created in the Setup section of POS under Inventory Settings, in the attributes box under discount.*

4. After you have selected a reason, you will then check the check box next to either; Apply Discount to Transaction (All Lines), or Prices Include Taxes.


4. Click change_price.PNG to finalize the discount and change the price of the selected item.


Article written with AmberPOS version


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