Overview of the Point of Sale Screen


1. Customer's information

2. Customer's account

3. Transaction totals

4.Transaction details

5. Quick Launch and Miscellaneous tab



- In the top left corner of the Point of Sale screen will be a box labeled Customer. This box will display the customer's basic information.

- This information will include the Company Name (that the customer works for), the Customer's Name, their Address and Phone Number.



- The next box over will be labeled Customer Account. Here you will see the customer's account information. These fields will be automatically updated.

- These fields will display the customer's current Store Credit, A/R Balance, A/R Limit and Points. If a limit was created for your customers A/R balance it will be shown in the A/R Limit field. This is done on the customers window.




- The last box on the top right side of the transaction screen will display the totals of the current transaction. There will be seven fields that are automatically updated.

1. These fields will display the Total Items, the Subtotal, Discount, GST, PST, any extra cost that you have setup and the overall total of the transaction.

2. Any discounts that have been applied to the transaction will be shown in the Discount field. This field will display the overall amount that was taken off the price.

- If you have applied your own tax or extra cost it will be shown in the sixth field along with the name. You can create this tax in the Setup section of POS under Stores in the taxes box.




Below the top three boxes you will see a box labeled Enter Sku/Code and Select Clerk.

1. In the first field you will key in the Sku/Code of the item. If the Sku keyed in contains any dimensions they will be displayed on a drop down menu next to the item code field.

2. The next field to the right of the Sku / code field will be labeled Clerk. Select this field to view a drop down menu, from here select a clerk to apply to the transaction.

3. Lastly, you will see the third field to the right labeled Cashier. This field will display the cashier that is currently logged into the POS system. This field will not be activated. **You cannot change the cashier while still logged in.**




At the bottom of the window you will see the Details screen. This screen will display the details of the current transaction.

1. Select from Print Receipt, Print return Auth or Print Gift Receipt, check boxes as needed.

2. To view the QOH of an item, first select an item from the transaction. Upon selecting an item, it's QOH will be displayed to the left of the Logout Cashier button.

3. If you would like to logout or change cashiers, select the Logout Cashier button.

- The lower screen displays the items that have been entered into the current transaction. This screen will display the item Code, Description, Clerk, Qty, Price, GST, PST and so on within the labeled columns.

- The bottom of the screen lists twelve different functions from which you can choose from to edit items added into the transaction. You can select any of these buttons or press F1-12 to access these functions.




1. On the right side of the transaction screen will be two tabs labeled as Quick Launch and Miscellaneous.

2. You can Select the Miscellaneous button, press F12 or select the Miscellaneous tab to view the miscellaneous functions. These are miscellaneous functions that are not listed at the bottom of the transaction window. **See Miscellaneous Functions**




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