Making payment(s) on one or more outstanding transactions

To make a payment on a customer's A/R, special order, work order, or layaway for their  balance owing, first access the POS menu, then select the customer making the payment from the customer list, to then arrive at the transaction window.


1. For A/R only, when you arrive at the transaction window the customer's current balance will be displayed at the top of the screen.




2. Select  recall_transaction_button.png at the bottom of the screen, or press F3.




3. A/R transactions will be coloured red and both the type and reference will be labelled Invoice. The other outstanding transaction types will retain their names as special orders, work orders, and layaways.



4. Select the transaction for which you would like to make a payment and press receive_payment_button.png. If the customer has multiple outstanding transactions, a window will be displayed allowing you to choose which transactions you are making payments on. Otherwise you will proceed direction to the payment window.

- It will list and pay off any any outstanding transactions for the customer such as all A/R, special orders, work orders, layaways.

- If the customer pays more than the total owing they will receive store credit for their account.

- If you select multiple transactions but only partly pay off the total amount, it pays off oldest outstanding transaction first.

- If you have A/R groups, it will list all the outstanding transactions of every customer included in the group. (See: Creating A/R groups for details)

- if you want to complete and invoice a transaction you will need to use recall transaction function to make the payment, as this method does not invoice the transaction even if it is fully paid off (The QOH from the transaction stays under COMIT unless the transaction is invoiced at which time the quantity is removed from the item entirely like a normal sale)


Use the checkboxes to select which invoices you would like to make your payment on, and then press payment_button_2.png to continue.


5. In the payment window, process the payment as for any transaction (see: Processing Payments)




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 Revised 05/04/2014


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