Overview of the Transaction Function Keys

logout_cashier.PNG Press "ESC' or the "Logout Cashier" button to log-out or change the cashier. You will be taken to the home screen where a new cashier can then login.


payment_button.png The "Payment" button will be located on the bottom right side of the transaction window. Select this button to complete the transaction and reveal the process payment window.


POS_help.PNG For help, press "F1" or the blue "POS Help" button at the bottom of the screen. A "Quick Help" window will then be displayed.


discount.PNG Press "F2" or select the "Discount" button at the bottom of the Transaction screen to apply a discount to items that are on sale, damaged, etc. This can be applied to specific items or the entire transaction. A detailed guide can be seen here


recall_trns.PNG Press "F3" or the "Recall Trns" button at the bottom of the Transaction screen to Recall, Reprint or Void a transaction.


open_till.PNG Press "F4" or the "Open Till" button to open the till without printing a receipt.


sku_lookup.PNG Press "F5" or the "Sku Lookup" button to search for a Sku.


chg_customer.PNG To change the customer press "F6" or the "Chg Customer" button. This will take you to the Customers window where you can view, edit or create new customers at anytime during a transaction.


change_price.PNG Press "F7" or the "Change Price" button to change the price of an item that may be faulty, priced wrong, on sale, etc.


change_tax.PNG Press "F8" or the "Change Tax" button to edit the taxes being applied to the transaction. This will enable you to take off GST or PST for certain customers that are exempt from paying taxes.


change_qty.PNG Press "F9" or the "Change Qty" button to change the quantity of the currently selected item without having to scan or type it in multiple times.


change_clerk.PNG Press "F10" or the "Change Clerk" button to change the clerk of the current transaction. This will enable you to apply different clerks in different items within the transaction or one clerk for the entire transaction.


delete_item.PNG Press "F11" or the "Delete Item" button to remove a selected item from the current transaction.


miscellaneous.PNG Press "F12" or the "Miscellaneous" button to navigate to the miscellaneous tab, here you will view nine miscellaneous functions in which you can select by pressing Shift F4 - Shift F12.



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