Processing Payments

Transaction Screen OverView


1. Within this window you will view the Balance Owing, and the AR Available balance. You will also view three columns labled as Payment Type, Amount and Reference, these will be displayed beneath the AR Available balance field.

2. In this window you will insert the payment into the desired payment type field by keying it in. You can also press the "Insert" key to insert the exact amount owing into the payment field. The payment type fields are labeled as Cash, Debit, Visa, M/C (MasterCard), Amex (American Express), Store Credit, Gift Card, Gift Cert (Gift Certificate), Points, A/R (Accounts receivable), Cheque, and Deposit. (For more payment options, select the enable_special_payment_types_button.png button below)

- You can change, hide, and add these payment types in the Setup section of your POS under General Settings, in the Payment Type Setup box.

- For each payment type there will be two columns. One Column is labeled as Amount and the other as Reference. Payment fields that require a reference or authorization number will have the reference field enabled such as Debit, Visa, and Mastercard.

3. To insert a payment into more than one payment field, you can insert part of the amount owing into one field, and the remaining balance into another (for example if the balance owing is 200.00, you could enter a partial payment of 150.00 into the debit field and then the remaining balance of 50.00 into the cash field.

4. Once you have inserted the payment into the correct payment field, press enter. this will enable the complete transaction button, select the complete transaction button to finish the transaction.


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