Looking up a SKU

To look-up a Sku after you have logged into your POS screen,

1. Press F5 or the blue Sku Lookup button. This will enable you to lookup a Sku to insert into the current transaction.

2. After you select the Sku Lookup button, the Sku Lookup window will be displayed. Sku's located within your store will be listed within this window.


3. Locate the desired Sku by scrolling through the list. You can also type a keyword description into the Input Keywords field located at the top of this window.

4. To alter the category in which to lookup the Sku by, you can press F1-F4 or F9.

**For example press F9 to search by Product #. This will change the category to product number; therefore you will now enter a product number into the input keyword field at the top of the screen to locate the Sku you are searching for.**

5. Once you have located the desired Sku either double click the Sku or highlight it and click the blue Select button on the top right side of the screen (this will insert the Sku into the current transaction).


  Article written with AmberPOS version



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