Miscellaneous Menu Overview

Overview of Miscellaneous Menu:


1. Press F12 or the blue Miscellaneous button to activate the miscellaneous tab on the right side of the transaction window located next to the Quick Launch tab.


2. Here you can choose from nine different functions.

- Shift-F12 to sell a Gift Certificate,

- Shift-F11 to Clear All Items in the list

- Shift-F10 to Change the Description

- Shift-F9 to do a Paid In/Out

- Shift-F8 to Insert a Blank Line

- Shift-F7 to Change Ship to Address

- Shift-F6 to do a Rental/Reservation

- Shift-F5 to do a Gift Registry

- Shift-F4 to do a Sales Return.

- Shift-F3 to to see Transaction Attributes

- Shift-F2 to Web Store Management



Revised 25/03/2014


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