Importing General Ledger into Sage Simply Accounting

Once you have exported your general ledger (Day End) (Creating a Monthly General Ledger), a file will have been created which you can import into Simply Accounting.


To import this file, first open Simply Accounting and your company information. From the main Simply Accounting window select the File menu.




Then from the dropdown menu select Import/Export




Another menu will open on the right side of your selection, from this select Import Transactions




The Import Transactions Wizard window will be displayed. Select the first option and click Next.





The next window will prompt you to create a backup before you import. Either do so or skip that step, according to your preferences, then click Next.





The next window will prompt you to enter the name of the import file. Click Browse.




Navigate to the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Pacific Amber\AmberPOS\GL_OUT  to see your general ledger files exported from AmberPOS. They will be text (.txt) files named with the date of their information, either a specific day or an entire month. Select the file you would like to import and click Open.




You will now be returned to the Import Transactions Wizard, this time with your file filled in the field. Click Next.



A window will pop up telling you if your import was successful or not. The most common errors are account numbers not matching between the general ledger in AmberPOS and Simply Accounting.


//NOTE: If you forget to populate an account you may get an error when attempting to import the file.  You can open the Text (.txt) or Excel(.csv) format of the file produced to the date to review the results.


The result will identify the name of the account that is missing an account number.



Article written with AmberPOS version


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