Receiving Outstanding Payments

**Note** You must have deposit payment type enabled (unhidden) to be able to complete payments on special orders with deposits on it 


1. To recall an outstanding payment, (layaway, invoice, special order, etc) first log into the POS, and select the customer whose outstanding payment you would like to recall. From the transaction window, select the recall_transaction_button.png button, or press F3.



2. In the recall transactions window, select the outstanding payment, which will be coloured according to their type. (Green for layaway, Yellow for Special order)  The type column will display the specific type of transaction (layaway, special order, etc), and the reference column will say Outstanding. Press receive_payment_button.png to apply a partial payment towards the outstanding payment. (Processing Payments)



3. To completely pay off an outstanding payment, select the outstanding payment and press the recall_transaction_button_2.png button. Complete the transaction as normal. (Processing Payments)



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 Revised 25/03/2014



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