Voiding a Layaway


1. To void a layaway, first open AmberPos and login with your username and password. Then access the POS menu.

2. Select a customer with the layaway transaction you want to void, then select recall_trns.PNG at the point of sale screen.


3. Select the layaway transaction you want to void by clicking on it once.


4. If the layaway already has a downpayment on it (it has been partly paid for), you must first return the downpayment to the customer before it can be voided. To do this, select receive_payment_button.png


5. Insert the amount of downpayment into the payment method you desire to refund to the customer associated with it. You must use a negative value to refund the downpayment.


6. Overview of Recall Transaction Screen:


      1. The payment invoice after the downpayment has been refunded to the customer.

      2. The original invoice for the layaway before the downpayment.


7. After the layaway has a value of $0.00 in downpayment, you may void it by selecting void_transaction_button.png at the recall transaction menu.


- Voiding Transactions




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