Processing a Return with Element Payments

If you are using Element Payment Services to process your credit/debit transactions, you must follow these steps in order to refund a purchase to a customer's credit card.


Process your sales return as normal (see: Sales Returns) and enter the amount to be refunded into the appropriate payment field (Visa, M/C, etc). The process payment window will pop up.

You must enter the Transaction ID into the appropriate field. This number can be found either on the original merchant or customer copy of the credit card receipt (under "TransactionID") OR on the full size invoice for the original transaction (first number under "REF #").

You can recall the Transaction ID under Day End by clicking on the "Elements" button at the bottom.

(See: Recalling Transaction for instructions on viewing previous invoices).



Once the Transaction ID is entered correctly, press Process to complete the return.


***As of version you only need the Transaction ID to process the return. The customer's card or card information is no longer required.


**NOTE: Debit returns cannot be processed in AmberPOS due to the type of integration with do with elements.  Return alternatively as cash, store credit, or gift card.**


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