Transaction Item Attribute: Tag SKU

You can use a tag function to quickly add SKUs to the transaction via the Transaction Item attributes menu located at the POS screen. This article uses an example clothing scenario by selling a suit to demonstrate the function. 


1.  Log in to AmberPOS and then access the Setup menu.


2. Overview of General Settings tab:


     Step 1: Select the General Settings tab.

     Step 2: Select the Attribute tab.

     Step 3: Select the Attribute Type drop down menu to locate the correct attribute type in the next step.



3. Overview of Attribute tab:


     Step 1: For the Attribute Type select Transaction Item.

     Step 2: Next, give your attribute a name, select the format as Select Box, then place it under a group (optional), and lastly select Add New Attribute.

     Step 3: When you add the attribute it will appear in the list as shown. 


4. Double click on one of the attributes in the list to edit it. You will need to do this step for every attribute individually.




5. Overview of Please Add Menu Text window:


     Step 1: Select the Add New option to add another menu text option for the tag SKU. 

     Step 2: Enter the Menu Text that will be displayed, and then a description for it. The description must be "Tag Sku:1000"  and is case sensitive. The example given is an arbitrary SKU number; you must enter your own SKU number instead that you wish to tag. **This SKU must be already created. If you need to create one and require more assistance, see: Adding a New SKU. There are no special steps required for this SKU, and you can create it as you would for a normal SKU.**

     Step 3: Select Save to add the new menu text and tag.

     Step 4: Once you save, it should appear in the list here.


6. You will be returned to the previous screen, where you can now select your created options in the corresponding drop-down menu.




7. Next, access the POS screen to use your transaction attribute.


      Step 1: Select the SKU you want to use for the tag SKU attribute and add it to the transaction.

      Step 2: Select the Transaction Attributes option, or press Shift-F3 on your keyboard.


8. Overview of Transaction Attributes screen:


      Step 1: Select the SKU(s) in your transaction that you want to apply the transaction attributes to.

      Step 2: Apply the transaction attributes by selecting them from their respective drop-down menus that you created.

      Step 3: The Save option should become green. Select it to apply the changes.


9. The tag SKU should be automatically added to the transaction, and contains all the information you assigned to it when you created your tag SKU (such as price, department, etc.). 



 Article written with AmberPOS version


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