Printing Automatic Transaction Labels

The Printing Automatic Transaction Labels feature will automatically print a label from your label printer for every transaction you complete. The label features embedded information regarding your transaction such as the transaction number, the SKU(s) sold, etc. When you want to recall or return this transaction you can quickly go back to the return screen and scan the barcode on the label with a barcode scanner which will automatically display the transaction based on the embedded information on the label barcode. 


1. Login and access the POS screen


2. Go to the transaction screen after selecting a customer, and select the Recall Trns. button. 



3. In the recall transaction screen, select More and then Print Custom Form from the menu that appears.



4. Select the Form Designer option. 



5. Overview of Label Designer window:


       Step 1: Select the first option titled Create New Blank Label.

       Step 2: For the Label Name: field type "Sku Transaction Tag (auto)" without the quotations.

       Step 3: Select Create to complete the creation process.


6. Add a new line of text and on the field to the right type in TRANS # for the text field.



7. Add a new barcode and on the right for databaseFieldSpecial type "TransactionNumber" and set the humanVisible value to "False".



8. Add a new line of text and on the right for databaseFieldSpecial type "Description" and for the text field type "Description" again.



9. Save the label and enter the POS screen again.



10. Next, complete a transaction with any SKU and test to see if the label printer automatically prints your created label design once the transaction is complete. After the transaction is completed, go to the Sales Return screen with the printed label ready at hand. 



11. Select the Invoice Number field, and at this point use a barcode scanner to scan the printed barcode on the label; this should bring the transaction you previously completed back and automatically list all the sold SKUs, which are now ready to be returned in the list.



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