Point of Sale Keyboard Shortcuts

The Transaction Functions in the POS window can be activated by using the corresponding function keys, such as [F4] to open the till.  There is a description of what these functions do in the Overview of the Transaction Function Keys article.

Keyboard Shortcuts from the POS Window

Insert - Brings the keyboard cursor back into the "Enter SKU' box.

End - Opens the payment window.

Tab - Scrolls through all of the buttons in the POS window.

Up + Down Arrow Keys - Lets you highlight items in the transaction.

Delete - Removes a highlighted item from the transaction.

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Payment Window

Insert - Inserts the green payment amount into the selected payment type.

End - Completes the transaction.

Tab - Scrolls through all fields in the payment window.

Arrow Keys - Scrolls though only the payment boxes.

Return - Press return to process a previously typed amount.  ex. Will calculate remaining balance on transactions with multiple payment types.


The functions of the Miscellaneous quick launch tab can also be activated with the keyboard.  

Shift-F12 - Opens the Gift Card and Gift Certificates menu.  You can create and view existing gift cards here.

Shift-F11 - Clears all SKUs out of the POS window.

Shift-F10 - Lets you change a description previously added from the POS window.

Shift-F9 - Opens the menu to process Paid Ins/Outs.

Shift-F8 - Inserts a blank line into the transaction.

Shift-F7 - Lets you change the ship to address.

Shift-F6 - Open the Rental /Reservations menu.

Shift-F5 - Opens the menu for gift registries.

Shift-F4 - Opens the sales return menu.

Shift-F3 - Lets you change transaction item attributes

Shift-F2 - Opens the web store manager.


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