Creating and processing a reservation **New Method**

1. To setup reservations, first create reservation groups. Select Setup Reservation Groups from the Setup button in the top right corner.



 2. Setting up reservation groups process:


     **Note** You must create at least two different reservation groups.

       Step 1: If you already have an existing reservation group, select it here to edit. 

       Step 2: Enter the attribute information of the reservation group here such as the Reservation Group NameOrganizer Block Size (the amount of time set for one block), Organizer Minimum Blocks, (how many minimum blocks are required for one reservation, also adds that same number of blocks before and after the store hours), Organizer Buffer Blocks (how many blocks that cannot be reserved after an existing reservation), Billing Interval (this should only be used if billing charge by does not work correctly), Billing Charge By (charge for every 30 min, hour, etc.) and Pickup Deposit % (essentially a down payment before pickup).

       Step 3: Select Save to complete the changes. 

       Step 4: The Add New option will become available after saving your previous reservation group. Use this option to create more reservation groups. 


3. Restart AmberPOS


4. Add rental SKU to reservation group via SKU attribute


       Step 1: After restarting your POS, access the inventory menu, and select your rental SKU. 

       Step 2: In the attributes tab, there should be a new attribute called Reservation Group (scroll down the attributes menu if you cannot see it), and select the reservation group you created, which assigns the SKU to the group. 


5. You are now ready to reserve the SKU for a customer:


      Step 1: Select the reservation group tab assigned for the rental SKU. 

      Step 2: Select a date for reservation. 

      Step 3: Locate your SKU within the department rental menu by collapsing the departments and sub-departments. 

      Step 4: Click and drag to highlight the blocks you setup for your reservation group to specify a reservation time slot for the customer.

      Step 5: Select Make Reservation to access the New reservation window and process the reservation. 


6. Confirm the customer, reservation date rage, and rental duration (in hours and minutes). Then select Save to process the reservation. 



7. A window will appear confirming a successful reservation. 



8. Now you have access to the full reservation window, allowing you to cancel the reservation, recur it, pick up and drop off the rental, make a payment or deposit, invoice the reservation, and view it's history. 



9. The first step after reservation is to select Pick-up/Sign-In when the customer comes to pickup the reservation. A window will automatically appear stating the deposit required (if any) before the Pick-up can be processed. 


      Step 1: Select Pick-up/Sign in.

      Step 2: A window will appear stating the pickup deposit percentage first required.

      Step 3: The New Deposit field will automatically display the amount required, select Payment/Deposit to pay this amount or any amount. You can press the insert key on your keyboard to automatically enter the deposit amount.


10. When the item is Picked-up by the customer, the reserved blocks turn yellow indicating the item is currently out. 




11. When the customer returns the rental, double click on the yellow blocks to open the window again, and then select Return/Sign-Out to return the item back into your inventory. 




12. Once the item is returned, the reservation blocks will become grey again.




 13. Double click on the reservation blocks again to open the reservation details window. You now have the option of either recurring the reservation, or creating an invoice and paying off any remaining money owed for the rental. (You must create an invoice regardless of whether money is still owed.)




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