Payment Quick Launch Buttons

To create a Quick Launch Panel for different payment types, import the label files below into a new Tab in the Point of Sale screen. The credit/debit options have been created for use with integrated payment. If the integrated payment window is too slow, you will have to add extra {delay} before {F10} in the action line of the button. You can also remove {Delay} if the payment window is waiting for the F10 enumeration. 

Note: If you name the tab "Payment", it will automatically go to the tab instead of the payment screen when you click the payment button. However, you cannot have any other quick launch button tabs, you must remove any other tabs except the one you created titled "Payment". 

**Note** You can bypass this quick launch tab and still open the default payment window by repeatedly clicking on the green Payment button 3 times. 



Also note, if no integrated payment is setup in Amber the transaction will automatically complete after pressing the button for the selected payment type. If there is integrated payment, the POS automatically pushes the sale total to the pin-pad on its own.


Payment Buttons


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