How to create/edit a layaway transaction

This guide will cover the function and creation of a layaway transaction. When creating a layaway transaction the inventory will be taken out of your QOH and put as quantity committed. Once the layaway has been finalized the QTY will be taken out of the quantity committed column.


1. Log-into the point of sale and select a customer account (Note: You are not able to create a layaway under the **THANK YOU** customer).



2. Put the items in the transaction that the customer wants to put on layaway.



3. Click the payment button in the bottom left of the POS window to begin processing payment. Select layaway from the transaction type drop down and input the amount the customer is paying at this time (Up to 100% of the layaway). Click on the complete transaction button



4. You now have an active layaway. You will be able to see that your inventory reflects this layaway in the COMIT column.




How to edit a layaway


5. Log-into the POS under the customer with an active layaway.



6. Click the Recall Trns. button at the bottom of the POS screen to open up the Recall transactions window. It should already be showing transactions for that customer.



7. Find the layaway that you'd like to edit in the list of transactions, click on it and click "Recall transaction" from the buttons on the bottom of the window.



8. Once you have the transaction recalled, make whatever changes you would like to make to the item. Once you are finished click the green Payment button in the bottom-right.



9. Select weather you would like to process payment and finalize or just save the item changes so you can finalize at a different time.






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