Setting up MS7600 series scanner (Model: MK7625-72B07)

 How to setup the MS7600 series scanner. (Model: MK7625-72B07)



**Incorrect cable connection can cause communication problems or potential damage to the scanner**


**Note** guide only for installation for usb interface


1. If required, first install the drivers for the MS7600 Series Scanner. These can be downloaded here and then extract the folder within the zip file by dragging it out.

Option 1: Install the drivers from the folder by running Install_x86.


Option 2: Manually install the drivers (tested only in Windows 7) by:

       Step 1: Right click on Computer computer.JPG and then select Manage. manage.JPG


       Step 2: Select Device Manager.


       Step 3: Locate your scanner in the device list, open its directory, then right click on it and select Update Driver Software...

       Step 4: In the window that appears, select Browse my computer for driver software.


     Step 5: Copy the path of the folder containing the Install_x86 file.


1. Turn off host system (Computer, etc).


2. Determine if your application requires usb keyboard communication protocols or usb point of sale communication protocols.


3. If you require usb keyboard communication protocols, skip to step 4.

    If you require usb point of sale communication protocols:

    Step 1: Remove the ms7600 top cover.

    Step 2: Insert the POS plug into the slot.

    Step 3: Replace the top cover.


4. Connect the powerlink usb cable to the 2nd jack down from the top of the ms7600



5. Connect the other end of the usb cable to the host.


6. Enable the usb defaults bar code to configure the ms6700 for usb communication.


7. Scan bar code to enable usb interface located on page 11 in the Installation and User's Guide contained with the scanner.


8. Scan the following bar codes located in the Configuration Guide manual on the pages A1-A3 to enable the principle bar codes for scanning. (For more types of bar codes, refer to the other bar codes listed in the Congifuration Guide manual contained with the scanner, and scan the appropriate ones required from the manual).

- UPC-A (Page A-1)

- UPC-E (Page A-1)

- Code 128 (Page A-3)

- Code 39 (Page A-4)

Installation and User's Guide can be found here online: Installation and User's Guide


9. Turn on host system (Computer, etc).


10. Access AmberPOS.


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