Setting Up a Weigh Scale for AmberPOS

1, To Setup your Weigh Scale for AmberPOS, first place it near the computer that is running the POS software.


      Step 1. *Optional if external display required for scale* Plugin the remote display cable to the port.

      Step 2. Plugin the respective end of the serial port cable to the scale, and the other end to your computer. (Usually requires adapter for serial-to-usb).

      Step 3. Plugin the respective end of the power cable to the scale and the other end to an AC socket.


2. Login to AmberPOS, then access the Setup Menu.


3. Select the inventory_settings.PNG tab near the top of the screen.



4. Location of Units:



5. Overview of units:


1. Type in the unit name here.

2. Click box.PNG next to partial_qty.PNG to select the unit as a partial quantity. 

3.  add_button.png to apply the unit to POS.

4. rename.PNG to rename any already applied units.

5.  delete_button.png to remove a created unit.

6.  up.pngto move a selected unit up the list.

7.  Down.pngto move a selected unit down the list.

8. AZ_button.png to sort the list of unit alphabetically.

3. Select the Printers and Local Settings tab.


6. Overview of Weight Scale Menu in AmberPOS located in the top right corner.


      Step 1. The Com Port: section is where you select which com port the USB-Serial adapter from the scale is plugged into your computer.

Comport varies, to find your com port: First plugin the scale into a USB port via usb-serial converter, or serial port via serial-serial cable, then right click my computer ---> Manage ---> Device Manager  ---> Ports (COM & LPT) ---> USB Serial Port (COM#)


      Step 2. The Scale Type: section is where you select the type of scale being used.

      Step 3. The Weight type: section specifies the unit type of measurement the scale will be using.

Select Save, to save the settings changed. Then restart AmberPOS.


7. Weight can ONLY be applied to a SKU that has Partial Qty enabled and a Unit Type selected. To access these settings, enter the Inventory screen and select the SKU to change the settings for.



8. Enter the POS screen, ensure all the cables for the scale are correctly plugged in, place the physical SKU with the edited settings (as shown above) on top of the scale, then make a sale for the SKU. If the scale is properly functioning it should show the weight of the object on the scale in POS as shown in the image below.





***** When setting up any scale, please make sure you double check the scale communication protocol, NCI, Mettler Toledo, etc... inside your scale settings and match these up to the setting in AmberPOS. *****





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