Physical Setup of the PA962 Scanner

This guide is intended to serve as detailed instructions on how to physically prepare your scanner for PC-Link to your computer and how to charge the battery using the cables provided.


1. This is the cable to plugin to your Unitech PA962. It functions simultaneously as both a USB cable and a power cable.

The two circled points are clips that latch onto the scanner when plugged in.



2. The image below shows the location of where the cable depicted above will be plugged into your Unitech PA962 scanner.




 3. Simply push the cable into the slot in the PA962 scanner until you hear a click. Ensure the cable is facing up towards you as in the image below.




 4. Overview of the cable associated with the Unitech PA962 scanner:


        1. The USB port, plug this into a USB slot on your computer.

        2. This half of the cable serves as the USB cord.

        3. This other half of the cable is an optional end that you can take out, it functions as the power cord for the scanner. Plug the other end of this cable into an AC power socket.



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