Setting Up (and plugging in) a Cash Drawer with the Serial Port Method

1. On your computer with AmberPOS, you will see the following form of serial socket. It is called a 9-pin serial male port.serial_port__1_.jpg



2. In order to use this 9-pin serial port, you must have a matching serial cable to plug in. The cable is usually attached to the cash drawer already. If not, you will have to plug the other end of the cable into the cash drawer as well. The image below depicts the end of the serial cable that goes into the serial port on your computer (as shown in the image above).



3. The next step is to figure out which com port the cash drawer is plugged in to your computer. 

Comport varies, to find your com port: First plugin the drawer into a serial port, then right click my computer ---> Manage ---> Device Manager  ---> Ports (COM & LPT) ---> USB Serial Port (COM#) and use whatever # is displayed. Remember this COM#.

4. Enter this number into AmberPOS:


      Step 1: Access the Setup menu.

      Step 2: Select the Printers and Local Settings tab.

      Step 3: Select the receipt printer that will be functioning with your cash drawer, and then select the com port that the serial cable from the cash drawer is plugged into from the COM# previously found. Then select Save.


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