Issue: Cash Drawer Not Opening for Transactions etc, for All Types of Cash Drawers

If your cash drawer is not opening for transactions, try the following:

1. Check that all the cables are properly plugged in and the printer is correctly set. See the guides below:

- USB Port Method

- Serial Port Method

- Control Signal-Printer Method


2. If your cash drawer uses a key, check to make sure the key is in the Automatic unlock position (usually vertical).


3. Check to make sure there aren't any objects blocking the cash drawer. 


4. If you have a USB or Serial cash drawer and it is still not opening, see the setting up the com port guide.


5. If a USB cash drawer does not open after installing the drivers, download the test utility from the website and run this first to test the drawer and now you should be able to open it with AmberPOS. Driver link below.



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