Fixing Webcam Error

When you're in the Info tab, under the Skus section of the Inventory Menu, you can use your webcam to take a picture of the item. Click the word "Take", and you should be able to see what the item on the screen. When you are happy with the image, click OK. If you change your mind after the picture is taken, press clear.




If you press take, and an error pop ups, a variety of things could be causing your webcam not to be able to communicate properly with Amber.




Make sure the webcam is plugged in and working. You can check that by using the default program that came with the webcam.

Also ensure that no other programs or applications are using the webcam. Programs such as Skype can use the webcam, and prevent Amber from being able to access it. If there is a program using the webcam, close it to be able to have Amber access the webcam.

If neither of these have worked, it could be that the Window Image Acquisition Service could be causing the issue. To stop the service, open up task manager, using either control+shift+esc, or searching for it in the start menu.


In Windows 7: Go to the service tab, and sort the services by Description. Scroll down to Windows Image Acquisition, and then right click it, and select "Stop Service".



In Windows 8: Scroll down to Services, find "Service Host: Windows Image Acquisition" and click the arrow beside it to expand it. Once it is expanded, select "Windows Image Acquisition", right click it, and click Stop Service.



Note: Once the service is stopped, any programs that need it to run may not run properly, or at all. To get the service running again, find it in the services section of the task manager, right click it, and select start service.

Rebooting will also restart the service, so it will have to be stopped when the computer turns back on.





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