Using Avery Label Templates

Here is a list of templates for Avery labels that you can download and use. Each one is a different size, and may contain various item information based on the label size. You must figure out which is the correct template for your label printer based on the given sizes. (There are sizes other than the templates given in this article that you may not find here). The label information will also be automatically filled at the time of print based on whatever SKU you are printing labels for. 

To import and use the labels:

 1. Hover over the Inventory Icon and select Print Labels from the drop-down menu that appears. 



2. Select Label Designer.



3. Create a new blank label:


      Step 1: Select the Create New Blank Label option.

      Step 2: Enter a Label Name of your choice.

      Step 3: Select Create


4. Select the Import option. 



5. Select one of the Avery templates that you previously downloaded from the links above.



6. The template should automatically appear once you import it. You can repeat the same process for the other templates. 



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