How to make a Manual Non-Integrated Return / Void transaction on ICT250 pinpad


How to return money to a customer's card manually


 Your screen should have the Welcome/Bonjour screen.


Hit the F1 key, it will ask you if you want to exit semi-integrated mode. Select yes, and hit the green key.


Once in the Main Menu, you can select Return, enter your Supervisor password ( If you dont have one, call Chase @1.800.265.5158 ), and put in the return amount.


Once that's done, it will ask to enter the card in, with swipe, insert, or tap, and then the customer would put in any information needed (ie. PIN)



How to Void a Sale Manually

We start in the Main Menu, and go to Void.
Once in the Search Menu, you have a few options to select to track down which transaction you want to void.

You have the options

  1. All
  2. Reference#
  3. Clerk#
  4. Invoice#
  5. Account#
  6. Cust PO#
  7. RRN
  8. Approval Code

The easiest way, is by matching the Refernce# on the receipt, the Invoice#, or the Approval Code.



Once you find the invoice in particular, hit the F4 key to select it, and then hit F1 to confirm voiding it.




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