How to Reinstall .net 3.5 on Inventory Scanners

This article details how to re-install .net 3.5 on an inventory scanner.  The re-install may be required if the device was reset to factory settings and is missing this installation.  Attempt this if the current version of AmberCount doesn't work on the scanner.


Step 1.

Download the .net installation program through the link HERE onto the computer the device is attached to.

Step 2a.

Run the installation file on the computer and select the option for a Complete installation.


Step 2b.

If  .net 3.5 Compact was already installed on this Computer, select the repair option.


Step 3.

The installation on the computer will prompt an installation on the inventory scanner device.


Step 4.

After completing the installation on the inventory scanner wait 2 minutes before running AmberCount to ensure the installation has completed.




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