Getting Started with AmberPOS

During your installation process there are several steps that our Pacific Amber agents will ask you to complete before the time of the first appointment. We require these few tasks to be done to minimize the time we need access to your computers, minimizing your companies down time during our install.

1. Download and install all Windows Updates. AmberPOS supported Operating Systems are: Windows 7, 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 or 2012. (Windows XP is no longer supported as of 2014).

Navigate to the start menu, then go to the "Control Panel"

From Control Panel go to System and Security and then select Windows Update download and install all recommended updates.





Your computer will need to restart after updates are downloaded and installed, after this happens, repeat the previous steps as there might be new updates after the first round of updates are completed.

Navigate to the Start Window by clicking on the Windows logo in the bottom left of your screen, on the task bar.


Once there, you can just start typing the words Control Panel. The Control Panel icon will appear below the search field.



Once it appears, open Control Panel by clicking the icon

Once the Control Panel is open, navigate to "System and Security", then select Windows update.
Windows Sys-Security Panel.png

Finally, select Check for Updates. Repeat these steps after the first round of updates to make sure there aren't any further downloads.

2. Download and Install our TeamViewer Host licence. This is the program we use to remotely connect to your computers to install and service AmberPOS. All computers that will have a copy of AmberPOS on them will require this download. The 9 digit ID number as well as the password will need to be emailed to us at

***SEE ARTICLE: TeamViewer Installation and Setup***

3. Acquire Windows and router usernames and passwords for AmberPOS agents. With cases of us doing work on your system where we may require the computer to restart, having the windows administrative password saves us time with logging back in to Windows, and having the router password lets us open the ports we require to run multi-store and manage the connections between your POS terminals and your Head Office Server (HOS). If you do not feel comfortable giving us your windows and router information, you will have to have an employee available for us at all times of the installation to assist with log ins, in the case of the router password you may have your Internet Service Provider forward your port or if they cannot, call your routers manufacturer and have them open port 1444 for you in lieu of our agents.

**To acquire your router password, check your physical router for the default username and password (usually with a sticker on the underside), if you do not have that information readily available in your routers instruction manual or on the router itself, you will have to contact your routers manufacturer for the password.**

4. Send all information gathered to AmberPOS. Once you have all of the Windows Updates completed, TeamViewer installed with the ID's and passwords, and the router and windows usernames and passwords available, send them in an email to with your desired appointment date for us to log in through TeamViewer and install the POS.



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