Starting Training Mode

Training mode is useful for learning the AmberPOS system without making unwanted changes to your main store database.

To enter training mode you must first log into AmberPOS. LogIn.png

Once you are logged in, you can enter training mode by pressing  home_icon.PNG on the top menu, and selecting Training Mode from the dropdown menu.



A prompt will appear warning you that you are entering training mode. Select Yes to continue.



If you have previously accessed training mode, another window will pop up asking if you would like to delete your existing training database and create a copy of your current database. Click Yes if you would like the training mode to contain a copy of your current store information. Click No if you would like to continue using the same data from your last training session.





If you see this window then press YES to go to the training mode or NO to cancel and stay in the live mode of AmberPOS. If you wish to delete the existing Training mode and create a new copy of your live POS database then check off the "Delete the existing Training Database" and click Yes to Continue.



Once you have made your selection, the home screen will reload with a green coloured top menu, reminding you that you are now in Training Mode.



Make a note that you must switch back to normal mode in order to process sales, as sales done during training mode will not be recorded into the live database. To enter normal mode simply restart AmberPOS.







Article written with AmberPOS version


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