Teamviewer Installation and Setup

**Please make sure the new system has all Windows Updates done as well as Teamviewer software installed.**


1. The teamviewer installation file can be found on our website support page or using link below. Then follow the steps to install it properly.




Installation Steps:


2. Save the File to your Desktop.



3. Run the downloaded file by double clicking on it in your downloads.



4. Run the Program to Install.



5. Select the Next option in the first window. 




6. Environment: 


       Step 1: Select company / commercial use.

       Step 2: Select Next.


7. License Agreement:


       Step 1: Select the checkbox next to I accept the terms of the License Agreement.

       Step 2: Select Next.


8. Select OK for the new license activated.




9. Select Next for the unattended access window. 



10. Setting the name and password:


      Step 1:  Enter the computer name of your machine, then enter "AmberPOSTemp" as a temporary password without the quotations. Re-enter the same password to confirm it. 

      Step 2: Select Next.


11. Account window: 


      Step 1: Select I don't want to create a TeamViewer account now.

      Step 2: Select Next.



12. You will receive a unique ID. This ID will be given to your AmberPOS representative along with the temporary password you previously created. 



13. Once the installation is fully complete, a window like the one below will appear, and will contain the same ID. 



Upon completion, you will receive the ID number that you need email to us at ( so we can connect and proceed with the AmberPOS software installation.


Article written with AmberPOS version


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